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Combat Skills Training Group (CSTG) is now offering both basic and advanced level instruction for military, law enforcement and civilians.

Our instructors are experienced operators with a skill set that encompasses combat firearm marksmanship; counter terrorist / hostage rescue training, dignatary protection, rural and mountainous operations, SWAT techniques, K9 tactical deployment, tactical tracking, and precision rifle shooting.

We recognize the need for a curriculum that addresses the multi-faceted, high-threat environment that todayís civilian, soldier or law enforcement officer encounters during engagements. We provide a comprehensive approach to training that instills fundamentals, progressive thinking, and problem solving, to strengthen a studentís knowledge base.

In the interest of addressing specific client needs, we have developed course offerings at several skill levels to provide specialized cost-effective training solutions.

Contact us today to schedule your private instruction, or inquire about existing class schedules.

We also offer Arizona CCW courses, Woman only classes, and any other firearm or tactical Discipline that you might need.

For inquires contact Lyman at 602-763-6588, or