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Renegade "Cozy Partner" Ankle Holsters

Renegade "Cozy Partner" Ankle Holsters

Cozy partner ankle holsters are designed for the professional who knows how an ankle holster should perform. Over 15 years of law enforcement experience and information from hundreds of interviews with gun carrying professionals have gone into their designs. Ankle holsters should carry a weapon comfortable on the ankle without allowing the weapon to wobble or bang against the leg. All Cozy Partner holsters utilize our unique, wide, high strength elastic ankle band with Velcro closure. As your foot, ankle and leg move, the ankle band stretches, yet continues to hold your revolver or automatic snuggly against your leg. All cozy partners have covered trigger guards. This obvious safety feature also aids in pulling the upper part of the weapon close to the leg thereby eliminating gun wobble common in most ankle holsters. A sheep skin pad between the weapon and your leg keeps the hard steel from biting your ankle.

Currently, agents from the FBI, Secret Service, ICE, State Police, Sheriffs and City Police wear a Cozy partner because they are the best.

Please note when choosing holster style, select shooting hand NOT leg placement.

Renegade "Cozy Partner" Ankle Holsters