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Aker 157 Comfort Flex II Ankle Holster
Aker 157 Comfort Flex II Ankle Holster
Retail Price: $68.99
Sale Price: $62.99
You Save: $6.00
Aker 157 Comfort Flex II Ankle Holster
If you like the Renegade holster your going to find this very similar if not better.

The new Aker Comfort-Flex® II ankle holster provides un-paralleled comfort and security for those who favor this carry mode.

Constructed of a special low-stretch elastic, the gun hugs the ankle closely for maximum concealment, with just enough give in the holster for comfort. Additionally, thick genuine sheepskin padding absorbs perspiration and prevents the holster from slipping. The holster secures to the ankle with a hi-grade hook and loop closure.

Models for semi-automatic pistols use a retention strap (see image). Models for revolvers a trigger guard retention.

• Comfortable alternative carry
• Sheepskin padding
• Available for most autos and revolvers
• Select left or right hand carry